simone gelsomini

simone gelsomini

Regional Director

Why am I in DuoLife ?

  • I conquer the world with DuoLife!

My personal message

My name is simone gelsomini.

I welcome you to the registration page of DuoLife Club.

By registering to DuoLife Club you become part of a unique community that in its life is guided by the most valuable qualities, which are INTEGRITY, WORK ETHICS, RELIABILITY, PARTNERSHIP, RELATIONSHIP AND INTEGRATION.

DuoLife Club allows its members to personal and business development, and also allows them to take care of what is most important- HEALTH of theirs and their loved ones

In case of any doubts I will be happy to help and answer any questions related to DuoLife Club.

I wish you that from today, your every day was special...

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My favorite products

DuoLife Day and Night Set can be distinguished among the products of this type available on the market, because only this one makes use of its valuable properties all day long. Our body needs different types of ingredients and nutrients during the day, when it shows increased psychomotor activity, and slightly different ones during the evening and night, when individual processes are slower…

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DuoLife Aloes is a natural source of valuable ingredients for maintaining youth and vitality. It is a unique composition of ingredients perfectly suited to the needs of people who want to cleanse their organisms, support their functioning, as well as improve the function of the immune system. DuoLife Aloes was created on the basis of aloe which beneficial properties are known for…

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